At HERET, the Gluing and Folding department is another important stage of the packages production process. 
The packages arrive to this department after passing through all the different production stages. 
Here is where all the magic happens. The flat packages are folded and glued, and become 3D packages. 
Our Gluing and Folding department is equipped with a several Gluing machines, which allows a variety of gluing options, in according to the structural design of the package. In addition, the department is equipped with a unique machine dedicated to folding leaflets, user manuals, etc. 
As part of our constant improvement and growth, we are proud to present the newest member of the department – an automatic gluing and forming machine specializing in gift packages composed of bottom and lid. 
The advantage is huge! Different size gift packages are glued and assembled automatically saving you valuable setting up time. Now HERET can assemble the packages for you!
As in all the production stages at HERET, the Gluing and Folding process is accompanied by our QC inspectors, all to ensure a high quality top end product.