Offset printing is well-known and widely used printing method used for large production series. This printing technique is based on the principle of mutual rejection between oil and water. The content which is to be printed is projected on special aluminum plates. In the shaded areas, where the color should appear, the ink is captured, while in the empty spaces the ink is rejected by the oil and is not captured. This method allows producing multiple copies in a short time, while achieving precise perfect results.
The printing process is implemented using a special machine which is able to read a computer graphics file and turn it into images projected on the aluminum plate.
Each color requires a separate aluminum plate. Four primary colors used for full color printing are: blue, magenta, yellow and black. Using four plates allows countless color variations and infinite number of shades.
After installing the plates in the printing press, it is required to run several pages until you get the desired color tone. This process is called “Setup” among professionals. Primary colors can be combined with pantone colors, metallic colors or fluorescent colors in order to upgrade the overall visual appearance and make the printed page look unique and luxurious.
The printing process is a work of art. In order to achieve an accurate and perfect results, advanced sophisticated equipment is required, as well as experienced and highly skilled employees.
Offset machines are capable of printing on all kinds of paper with various levels of thickness, while the size may vary from eighth sheet, quarter sheet and half sheet to a full sheet.
Offset printing is especially designed to print large quantities, usually a minimum of thousand copies and up to hundreds of thousands of copies, in a very short time and at the lowest price.
At Heret, we use the most advanced modern equipment. The Printing Department is equipped with two printing machines made by Heidelberg and Komori. These machines allow printing up to five colors + varnish, water and UV varnish in various sizes, up to a whole sheet.
Our professional staff, the quality of raw materials and advanced equipment allow us to provide you with top-quality products according to the original design.