Heret  is a life story.

It begins in exile, in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Back then, in 1910, way before World War I, a bold young man by the name of Shimon Noiman decided to start his own business – a print shop.The business kept growing, but who would have thought about producing luxury packaging back then? During that period, print shops usually served for printing newspapers and books.

In 1936, during the period preceding World War II, Shimon Noiman decides to take another bold step, as he fulfills his dream and immigrates to Israel, the Holy Land. Upon his arrival to Israel, Shimon immediately establishes a print shop on Nehalat Binyamin St. in Tel Aviv. Even back then Tel Aviv was full of life, the city was constantly developing and it presented excellent opportunities for new businesses. And indeed, the printing shop is thriving

.In 1938, his son Meir arrives in Israel and joins the family business. Together, father and son, manage the printing house, while gaining loyal customers and developing the business further.As time passed, the country evolved and as both the population and industry kept on growing, the amount of work increased accordingly, presenting new customer needs and requirements.

In 1977, Meir’s son, Avi, joins the business. Everybody joined forces in order to continue running a successful business and provide service to customers in a warm family atmosphere, paying special attention to each customer, treating each one of them with courteousness and professionalism that constantly increased as a result of an extensive experience gained during several decades.

In 1988, Heret  moves to Givatayim and in 2001 – to Yavne. Over the years, the company kept on growing, always keeping up to date with technology, acquiring advanced printing equipment and expanding the range of services offered. But one thing is kept unchanged – the family atmosphere, warmth and humanity.
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